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Name:          Bro Don A. Cross – Cool Hand Luke


Pledged:      Louisiana State University – Iota Tau Chapter 

                     Fall 82 – Gangster Force Line


Office:          Western Region - State Director: 2022 -                  

                     Chapter President: 2021 -  

                     Chapter Vice President: 2019-2020

                     MIP Chairman: 2020


About Me:    Phi Beta Sigma was the right choice for me in college and everyday I'm glad I made that decision. To this day, I'm best friends with many of my brothers from LSU. One of my goals is to grow the fraternity. Bring new blood in at the collegiate and alumni levels and to give inactive brothers a reason to comeback! My philosophy is to "Continue to build Phi Beta Sigma, one brother at a time." "We don't have to do everything, but the things that we do, we do it right!"  GOMAB!   

Name:         Bro Harry J. Knight Jr. – Sir Knight


Pledged:     Christopher Newport University – Alpha Alpha Pi Chapter, Charter Line 

                    Spring 91 – Stone Cold Gentleman Line


Office:         Chapter Vice President: 2021 -

                    Chapter Director of Publicity: 2020 -

                    Collegiate Advisor: 2020 -

                    MIP Chairman: 2021 -


About Me:   Originally from Newport News VA, my family and I have been in Fountain, Colorado since 1998. My wife and I serve as educators in Fountain and have been doing our part to educate, mentor and serve the future minds of our community. Over the years Phi Beta Sigma has been a continued opportunity for me to serve, grow and bond. Brotherhood, Scholarship and Service. GOMAB!

Bro Ball Smile.JPG

Name:         Bro J. Isaiah Ball - I Ball


Pledged:     Alumni Chapter, St. Louis Missouri – Kappa Sigma Chapter 

                    Spring ‘06 – Four Horseman Line


Office:         Chapter Secretary: 2019 - 2021


About Me:   Originally from Mississippi, I joined the United States Air Force after graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi in May 2000.  Phi Beta Sigma was the right choice for me because it offered a special and unique opportunity to find like minded brothers; no matter where I was stationed in the world.  My personal goal is to represent the highest ideals of SIGMA in all aspects of my life, so that others may seek and find this brotherhood. GOMAB!    

Name:         Bro Walter Campbell - Jellyroll

Pledged:     Tuskegee University – Beta Kappa Chapter

                    Fall 79 – 8th Nebula Line

Office:         Chapter Treasurer: 2019 - 2021 

                    Director of Social Action: 2020 -

About Me:   I’m originally From Mobile, Alabama.  My family and I initially moved to Colorado Springs in 1986 via the military (Air Force). We relocated from Colorado Springs twice returning in 1993 and in 2000.  I eventually retired from the military in 2002.  I serve in multiple capacities in my church and thrive to be a mentor to my fraternity brothers and to provide service to the community. 

Bro Learned Smile.JPG

Name:        Bro Anthony W. Learned – Alaskan Assassin


Pledged:     University of Arizona – Alpha Alpha Epsilon Chapter 

                    Fall 90 – Bookends Line


Office:         Chapter Chaplain: 2019 - 2021


About Me:   Navy brat, call the Pacific Northwest home.  Currently serving in the United States Air Force; moved with my wife and three children to Colorado Springs in 2006.  No other choice for me but Phi Beta Sigma; lifelong friendships, family and like-minded community service.  Look forward to serving the cause Sigma through Eta Nu Sigma alumni chapter to create avenues of opportunity, exposure and success for our next generation.  Blue Phi!

color photo.jpg

Name:         Bro Daniel W Saunders Jr - Prime Rib

Pledged:     Alumni Chapter, Aurora Colorado - Pi Pi Sigma Chapter

                    Summer 18 - Five Kings Line


Office:         Chapter President: 2019 - 2020


About Me:   Originally from Harlem, but raised in the Bronx, New York. Retired Military (Army) after 20 years of service and multiple combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan Earning 2 Bronze stars for Performance. Currently enjoying life and continuing service as a military contractor and platform manager for Special Operations Command North. Growing up surrounded by poverty and drugs I’ve always been an active member of my community wherever I’ve gone. Becoming part of this wonderful organization gives me a chance to join like minded brothers in hopes to make a difference.  GOMAB!

Name:        Bro Dwight Howard - Chosen One

Pledged:    Alumni Chapter Colorado Springs - Eta Nu Sigma Chapter
                   Fall 20 - Strictly Business Line

Office:        Chapter Director of Bigger and Better Business: 2020 -

About Me:  I grew up in a small town in Carthage MS.  After college, I served a total of 14 years in the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserves.  In 1996 after my military service, I made Colorado Springs my new home.  Phi Beta Sigma was the perfect fit for me “Culture for Service and Service for Humanity” I am excited and look forward to serving our fraternity and my local community with my brothers of Eta Nu Sigma Alumni Chapter.  GOMAB!    

Bro Brooks.jpg

Name:        Bro Stanley H Brooks Jr – OldSkool


Pledged:     Regis University – Pi Pi Sigma Chapter 

                    Spring 15 – Army of One Line


Office:         Member


About Me:   Retired US Army after 20 years of service. Born at Jacksonville NAS and raised in Columbia, South Carolina.  Currently working for Microsoft as an Azure Cloud Technician. Love serving the community and working especially with kids. I am also a Prince Hall Mason who is a part of every Masonic House of Masonry under the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Colorado and Its Jurisdictions. I am currently serving as the President of the Prince Hall Shriners of Colorado Springs. I am proud to be a Sigma and look forward to serving with anyone that wants to help bring out the best in our community.  I am grateful for the Brothers of Eta Nu Sigma for allowing me to continue my journey with you.  GOMAB!


Name:        Bro Eufard L Cooper – The Accountant


Pledged:     Alumni Chapter, Colorado Springs - Eta Nu Sigma Chapter –

                    Fall 21 – Twice as Nice Line


Office:         Member


About Me:   I grew up in New Jersey and attended The Pennsylvania State University on a Football Scholarship - 1982 National Championship Team. I also got my MBA from Penn State.  After decades of various financial/investment banking and corporate leadership positions, and having raised a wonderful family I was looking for a group of good men (a Brotherhood) who were about continuous positive change in themselves (Scholarship) and in their community (Service).  I knew Bro. Cross for several years and his countenance was always one of good character.  When I met the Brothers of Eta Nu Sigma and learned of Phi Beta Sigma’s history, actionable motto (Culture for Service, Service for Humanity) and it’s principles (Brotherhood, Scholarship, Service), especially in the areas of business, I knew it was a good fit.  I am proud to be a member of this wondrous band of Brothers. 

J Cates Profile.jpg

Name:        Bro James M Cates – The Mediator


Pledged:     Alumni Chapter, Colorado Springs - Eta Nu Sigma Chapter –

                    Fall 21 – Twice as Nice Line


Office:         Member


About Me:   Born and raised in Detroit MI, my family and I have been a part of the Colorado Springs community since 1998.  Retired from the Air Force in 2008, I continue to work with the military as an. IT Project Integrator. I am proud to be a part of Phi Beta Sigma and looking forward to serving and growing within the fraternity. “Culture for Service and Service for Humanity”.  

Bro Bruce D Lee.png

Name:         Bro Bruce D. Lee – Pretty Boy Floyd


Pledged:     Louisiana State University – Iota Tau Chapter 

                    Fall 82 – Gangster Force Line


Office:         Member


About Me:    I am originally from New Orleans, LA.  I enjoy traveling with my family and outdoor activities.  Phi Beta Sigma has been the only choice for me, as I have family ties with Phi Beta Sigma and Zeta Phi Beta. I would say Sigma embodies family, brotherhood, and community service that I believe is essential to community building. I have developed lifelong bonds and friendships with brothers on my Sigma journey. GOMAB!

Boatman Pic 1 (2).jpg

Name:        Bro Johnny Boatman - Debonair


Pledged:     University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) – Eta Beta Chapter 

                    Spring 87 – Justice Line


Office:         Member


About Me:   As a native of Mississippi, I grew up in Carthage and attended the University of Mississippi.  I played football for the University from 1984-1988.  While attending Ole Miss, I studied Criminal Justice, joined ROTC, and became a member of Phi Beta Sigma in the spring of 1987.  I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree at Chicago State University.  I’m a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, serving 25 years of active duty and currently a GS Civilian with the federal government. My personal goal is to continue my outreach to youth and the communities in Virginia. GOMAB!

Name:         Bro Ronald Sentwali Bakari -Sir Snops 


Pledge:        The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse - Lambda Delta Chapter,

                     Spring 81- Beta Force Line


Office:          Member


About Me:   I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and joined the Lambda Delta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse as a way to be culturally connected while gaining a sense of belonging and brotherhood.  My profession is in higher education, and I have worked at numerous colleges and universities in the United States, including abroad. I am a fan of jazz, old school R&B, world music, and international travel.  I am excited about the positive trajectory of the Eta Nu Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and I am very proud to be associated with a group of fun, intelligent, and committed professionals. Blu Phi! 

Daryl Griffin.jpg

Name:        Bro Daryl Griffin - Dartagan

Pledged:    Alumni Chapter Colorado Springs - Eta Nu Sigma  

                   Fall 2022 – The Four Musketeers Line

Office:       Member       


About Me:  I’m Daryl Griffin. I was born and raised in Valdosta Ga. I currently live in Colorado Springs with my high school sweetheart turned wife. In 2018 two days after my high school graduation, I joined the United States Air Force. In 2020 I transitioned into the United States Space Force and fun fact I’m one of the first enlisted African Americans to join the Space Force. Currently I’m a E5/SGT in the Space Force acting as NCOIC of student management and I’m also an instructor for my unit. I play Semi-Professional football locally. I’m also a licensed Wildland Volunteer Firefighter for El Paso County. I’m delighted to be a member of Phi Beta Sigma helping further our motto Culture for Service and Service for Humanity. Only the best can wear The Crest. 

Bro Graham.jpg

Name:         Bro Ralph Graham - Aramis

Pledged:     Alumni Chapter Colorado Springs - Eta Nu Sigma  

                    Fall 2022 – The Four Musketeers Line

Office:         Member


About Me:   Originally from Pavo, Georgia, a little small town in deep South Georgia. My family and I relocated from Germany in the Spring of 1992. I retired from the U.S. Army after 22 years of service.  My job specialty while serving in the military was a crewmember on a UH-60 Blackhawk. I am a graduate of DeVry University. I am happily married, God fearing and a father of 2 girls and a grandfather of 2 awesome little boys. I am looking forward to the fellowship, serving and brotherhood. GOMAB!

Walt Pic.jpg

Name:         Bro Walter Porter Jr - Athos

Pledged:     Alumni Chapter Colorado Springs - Eta Nu Sigma  

                    Fall 2022 – The Four Musketeers Line

Office:         Chapter Secretary:  2023


About Me:   I am originally from Washington D.C., the founding home of Phi Beta Sigma Inc., and relocated to Colorado Springs late summer of 1993. Walt is currently the Owner/Operator of The Porter Group Enterprises LLC, which is a benefits Consultant small business that specializes in providing health insurance for the self-employed and the small business owner. Additionally, he offers individual health insurance as well as senior services for the disabled and over 65 community (Medicare).

Looking forward to continuing the mission of Phi Beta Sigma “Culture for Service and Service for Humanity.” “I have always had a passion for community advocacy, and now have a platform to assist in furthering that passion.” I am excited to be a part of the Brotherhood! GOMAB!


Name:         Bro Roosevelt Cooper - Porthos

Pledged:     Alumni Chapter Colorado Springs - Eta Nu Sigma  

                    Fall 2022 – The Four Musketeers Line

Office:         Member


About Me:   I am originally from Gainesville Fla, (Go Gators!!!) I have been living in Fountain, CO. for 16 years. I am currently the lead security officer and boys asst. basketball coach at both Fountain Ft. Carson high school and middle school. I have always wanted to be a Sigma, now that I finally am. I'm excited to be a part of Eta Nu Sigma Alumni Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. and I am looking forward to the future. GOMAB!

Funches Command Photo.jpg

Name:         Bro Etan Funches - 4-titude

Pledged:     University of Southern Mississippi - Theta Eta, 

                    Fall 2003 - Five Was the Genesis, Three is the Revelation Line

Office:        Member 


About Me:    I am originally from Vicksburg, Mississippi. I was a ROTC cadet, collegiate sprinter, and Sigma at the USM. I commissioned into the U.S. Air Force in 2006 as a Space Officer and transferred into the U.S. Space Force in 2020. I am an avid reader and currently a squadron commander in the Space Force. 


Bro Ingraham.jpg

Name:         Bro Derek A. Ingraham - WiFi

Pledged:     Rho Sigma Chapter, Alumni Chapter

                    Summer 2013 - Da Principles

Office:        Member 


About Me:   Originally from Miami, FL, my family, and I have been in Colorado Springs since 2016. I recently pivoted from being an individual contributor as a Network Engineer Lead to being an IT manager. However, my wife is a woman of many skills from a Professional makeup artist, esthetician, and mortician. We are passionate about mentoring and aiding in advancing our youth and community. Phi Beta Sigma has afforded me the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself. I will continue to stand on the fraternity motto, Culture for Service and Service for Humanity.

Name:         Bro Nick Jackson




About Me:   

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